Pollution had killed more people than Covid has: Dr. Arvind Kumar

NEW DELHI: This year too post-Diwali situation is no different. A thick blanket of pollution, which is visible through naked eyes have covered all the major cities and leading among them are Delhi, Faridabad and Gurugaon.

Itchy skin, eyes, nose and throat are normal for the the natives of big metropolitan cities. But, a study by Lung Care Foundation has revealed certain startling facts, which are the the cause of concern.

As per the study conducted by LCF- “more than 50% adults have have high incidence of chest symptoms, 29% have asthma and 40% are obese” says Dr. Arvind Kumar, Chairman, ICS Medanta.

He says that large chunk of children are undergoing sufferings because of air pollution. Targeting the systemic failure he said that, “installing a smog tower is a colossal waste of money and a grave mistake”.

Country’s first smog tower worth twenty ceore, which was installed in Delhi’s Connaught Place was a complete failure this ‘pollution-season’. It did not served the purpose and could not let the people in its vicinity breathe a fresh air. This accounts for poor cost-benefit analysis on part of government and administration of Delhi.

Dr. Kumar also said that, “pollution has killed more people than covid has”. He was signalling to consider air pollution as a bigger pandemic than covid.

The study conducted by Dr. Kumar’s foundation was painful to come across. He says that only mitigation mechanism is ‘preventing air from getting polluted.’

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