Seven fishermen rescued by Indian Coast Guard

GUJRAT: On Sunday, a boat with seven fishermen had caught fire which was rescued by Indian Coast Guards on time saving precious lives and preventing an accident from turning into a tragedy.

The rescue operation was executed by the coast guard ship ‘Arush’ which was on its periodic patrol. Coast guard said, “India Coast Guard saved 7 fishermen from a fishing boat that had caught fire while fishing in the Arabian Sea, approximately 50 miles off the Gujarat coast. Fishermen are being brought to Okha, Gujarat”.

As per reports, fuel leakage is the probable reason for the fire. It was sinking near the international maritime boundary in the Arabian sea off the Gujrat Coast.

Such accidents continues to happen frequently and lately it happened on friday. In such cases Indian Coast Guards play inevitable role.

ICG is a multi-faceted and multi-tasking organisation which conducts real life operations throughout the year. It has the wide ranging capabilities to conduct surface and air operations. Headed by Director General Indian Coast Guard the organisation is headquartered in New Delhi. In order to facilitate smooth conduct of maritime business, maritime zones of India are divided into five coast guard regions namely North-West, West, East, North-East and Andaman and Nicobar with respective regional headquarters.

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