Will Prashant Kishor predictions prove correct?

The election strategist Prashant Kishor needs no introduction. He is the one who was behind the record win of BJP in 2014 and he is also the man behind the defeat of BJP in the 2021 assembly elections of West Bengal. The strategist has made predictions for BJP along with targeting Rahul Gandhi, Congress leader, on his illusions.

“BJP is going to be in the centre of Indian politics and it is not going anywhere”, said Kishor. This can be analyzed on the fact that BJP won the 2014 Lok Sabha elections quite easily. It secured 31% of the votes polled (66.44%) which resulted in the party winning 282 seats by itself out of 543. Many decisions were taken by the Modi Government between 2014 and 2019 out of which the biggest decision was demonetization.

The government was targeted for forcing people to stand in lines for withdrawing their money. That inflicted some serious damage to the prestige of BJP but the elections in 2019 completely put aside that notion. BJP emerged victorious again winning more seats than ever before. It won 303 seats i.e 37.36% of the total votes polled (67.40%).

Kishor also targeted Rahul Gandhi by saying that,”Rahul thinks that it is just a matter of time when people will throw Narendra Modi out of power, that won’t happen”. He seems correct up to some extent because the image of Modi has not degraded after many bold decisions taken by the government.

Also, one-third of the people directly support BJP in spite of everything going against a common citizen. The increase in the prices of LPG cylinders, vegetables, farm amendment bills and the overall increase in market prices of almost everything hit the pockets of citizens like a truck and these issues were raised by the opposition well. In spite of all this, the image of Narendra Modi did not seem to have any impact and he topped the Global Leaders Approval Ratings as well.

The recent daily increase in the prices of petrol have impacted the income of the common man and at this moment, the government appeared helpless. The results of By-Elections 2021 clearly showed the impact of BJP’s inability to control the situation in the country. The party lost where it was in power. And in the coming elections in 5 states, the exit polls of ABP-C Voter showed that BJP will defend its territories with ease.

What Prashant Kishor thinks is right or wrong will depend upon the results in the future but one thing is sure that the image of Narendra Modi seemed intact and Congress along with other parties will have to find a new way out to fight against BJP.

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