Woman Police Inspector rescues a man from death

CHENNAI: Rajeshwari, a women police inspector of TP Chatram Police station, Chennai today rescued a man laid under a tree from death.

Chennai witnessing a heavy downpour for the last few days became waterlogged leading to floods. The official authorities, individual volunteers, and NGO’s were in rescue operations. One such rescue operation became viral on social media today.

Rajeshwari, a police inspector was in a rescue operation in a flood-prone area, seen removing the trees fell on the roadside. She encountered a man laid under the tree resembling dead. After the close inspection, she came to know that the man was alive and unconscious.

Immediately she took the man in her shoulder and rushed to the auto-rickshaw standing nearby. She told the driver to ‘save him at any cost’ and directed him to head quickly to the hospital.

The video clip of the Inspector removing the trees and rescuing the man went viral on social media today receiving compliment for her sincere duty.

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