Arvind Kejriwal explains the ‘politics’ and ‘economics’ behind freebies in Delhi

NEW DELHI: Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal in an interview with Times Network explained the politics and economics behind freebies being provided to residents of Delhi.

Kejriwal justified the subsidised electricity being provided to Delhi residents by saying that, “All these Ministers and MLA’s get free electricity, when they get it is not called as freebie, even when getting 4000 units of free electricity. And when I provide free electricity to the people they (Ministers and MLA’s) are having a problem, why?” Kejriwal termed providing free electricity to the people as ‘good politics’.

He further explained good politics by saying that, “For all these Ministers, MLA’s and MP’s and their family members health services are free of cost, if I made health services free for residents of Delhi, why they are having a problem?” He said that, “Whatever these Ministers and all get I desire to provide to my people”.

Kejriwal explained ‘good economics’ saying that, “In the past when freebies were given, the government used to take loan and then provide freebies to the people, that is not good economics.” He added that, “I am not increasing taxes and Delhi Government is in profit, if I have ended corruption in Delhi and providing facilities to people, then what’s bad in that?”

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