Setting odds aside, 12 villages of Leh connected with 24/7 piped water connections under the Jal Jeevan Mission

NEW DELHI: Out of 60 villages of Leh, 12 have been connected successfully with 24*7 piped water connections under the Jal Jeevan Mission by the government engineers and contractors. This set aside the odds due to which the town was lacking modern infrastructure.

Leh is situated at an elevation of 11,562 feet from sea level and borders China. The town is famous for soaring mountains, eternal poplars, colourful monasteries, and freezing winds. It has difficult geographical terrains and so were the hurdles to provide piped water supply to it. Most of the villages are devoid of electricity without which providing piped water supply is impossible.

The engineers have built solar power units as an answer to the problem and villages which have been given preference for the same are situated along LAC (Line of Actual Control).

There are 189 million rural households, according to Census data, in India. Around 84.7 million households have already been provided with tapped water supply which is 44% of the total rural households. And 5425 of 24,767 households in Leh have piped water connection at present.

The previous attempts of providing water connections failed due to returning of villages to “a no water” state after a few years. Maintaining the sustainability of water is going to be the order of the day in the town.

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