YouTube will make ‘dislike count private’ on all of their platforms

CALIFORNIA: YouTube has declared that it is going to make the ‘dislike count’ private on all its platforms to save and protect the creators from dislike attacks, wherein people work to drive up the number of dislikes on a creator’s videos.

Making the dislike account private will not show the public the number of people who disliked the video, but will still give them the option to dislike it on their own preference as explained by Matt Koval, Head Creator Liaison at YouTube.

He further explains that the disliked videos will only be visible to the creators if they wish to see it.

Earlier this year, YouTube experimented with the dislike button to check if it could help better protect the creators from harassment and reduce dislike attacks.

The experiment witnessed reduction in the dislike attacking behaviour. They also confirmed that beginners and small creators are unfairly targeted by this behaviour. Hence, YouTube will remove the visibility of dislike count on all its platforms from the viewers.

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