How minor changes in the environment can cause tremendous consequences?

It’s been around 4.5 billion years since the earth has formed, and we humans who started to exist just 2 million years ago (approximately), have hugely impacted the world.

The abrupt increase in human population, has left us combating with other species for limited resources, and the ultimate burning of fossil fuels which results in spreading a sheet of carbon dioxide over the earth’s atmosphere, which thereafter increases the temperature and gives rise to global warming, by increasing the level of greenhouse gases, which contains 65% of carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels and 11% from forestry and other land use, 16% of methane, 6% of nitrous oxide and 2% of fluorinated gases.

Courtesy: United States Environmental Protection Agency

Therefore, climate change becomes a never-ending environmental debate of our era. We never realise the threat of the polar ice caps melting on some corner of the earth, due to the burning of fossil fuels that we do.

“Phytoplankton, a microscopic seagrass which nourishes and sustains the entire southern ocean’s food chain, are single-celled plants, that use the sun’s energy to assimilate carbon and synthesise the organic compound in that wondrous and most important process called photosynthesis. Scientists warn that a further depletion in the ozone layer will affect the activities of Phytoplankton, which in turn will affect the lives of all the marine animals and birds of the region, and the global carbon cycle. Hence, take care of the small things and the big things will take care of themselves”, said Tishani Doshi, a journalist, in one of her writings.

Thus, we can imagine how slight changes in the environment can cause enormous effects, and what kind of a development would it be, when it doesn’t pave the way even for small organisms to thrive?

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