Biden-Xi Virtual Exchange- Taiwan, climate change and human rights discussed

WASHINGTON: During the virtual summit between USA and China topics like- Climate change, trade, Covid 19, human rights and Taiwan were discussed.

After his inauguration in January, this was the third exchange of US President Joe Biden with Chinese President Xi Jinping. The two presidents welcomed each other, Mr Xi called Biden his “old friend”. Joe Biden returned the favour by highlighting “the cordial and honest conversation the two have had in the past.”

The summit lasted for three and a half-hour in which the topic of Taiwan was raised. Mr Xi Jinping warned the USA to not encourage Taiwanese Independence, he criticised “some Americans attempt to use Taiwan to contain China.” And warned that “such moves are extremely dangerous; just like playing with fire.

White House said Mr Biden “strongly opposes one-sided efforts to disturb status quo of undermining peace & stability across Taiwan Strait.”

The USA has pledged to help Taiwan defend itself in an event of an attack. This has upset China, as it sees Taiwan as a part of the mainland and is not willing to tolerate American intrusion.

President Biden also raised concerns against the abuse of Human rights in Hong Kong and against Uyghurs in the north-west region of Xinjiang, to which China accused the USA of meddling in domestic affairs.

Other topics like unfair trade practices and climate change were also discussed.

This discussion between the World’s two most powerful leaders is being taken as a sign of putting an end to the hostility between the two countries. Previously, at Glasgow COP 26 summit, the two countries addressed climatic change together as well.

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