“China, a threat to its neighbours”- John Cornyn at U.S. Senate

WASHINGTON: John Cornyn, Co-Chair of India- Caucus and top republican told about atrocities by China upon India and South Asian countries in the U.S. Senate.

After his recent visit to New Delhi and other South Asian countries to assess the problems faced by them, he and his congressional colleagues elaborate about them in the Senate. Mr Cornyn met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Cabinet Ministers to discuss the threats posed by China and other significant topics.

He elaborated that China is hampering trade in the international waters and doing illegal military advancement. Along with that, he accused China of abusing human rights, especially of Muslim minorities of Uyghurs and is a constant security threat for neighbouring countries like India and Taiwan. In the Senate, Mr Cornyn highlighted the Indo-China clash in the Pangong lake area on May 5 last year and current friction points in the Eastern Ladakh region.

International waters of the Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia and Taiwan are being captured by China, for building military bases on artificial islands. This has hampered commercial activities worth USD 3 trillion like fishing and mineral exploration. China has occupied the International waters comprising of 1.3 million square miles, claiming it to be the acquisition of China for 100 years.

During his visit, Cornyn got to assess the situation prevailing in Taiwan and talked with military leadership and key foreign partners. He remarked Taiwan as the stark opposite of the People’s Republic of China and called Taiwan “a true democracy”.

Taiwan shares the same values as the USA- freedom of speech, freedom of press, religion and assembly. Elections are free and fair. It has a free-market economy that adheres to rule of law.

John Cornyn at U.S. Senate.

Recently, the US president had a virtual summit with Chinese President Xi Jinping, where similar topics were discussed.

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