ICC agrees to bear the tax burden of BCCI saving 1500 crore

NEW DELHI: Reportedly, Board of Council for Cricket in India(BCCI) will save a whopping 1500 crore as a tax burden to the Indian government. BCCI is scheduled to host the 2026 T20 World Cup (co-hosts alongside Sri Lanka), 2031 ODI World Cup (co-hosts Bangladesh) and 2029 Champions Trophy. ICC has agreed to pay a 10% tax burden of the three tournaments to BCCI.

Another report says that BCCI has a loss of 750 crores for conducting the 2016 T20 World Cup and 2023 ODI World Cup. Other cricket boards have tax exemption from their respective government for promoting cricket as a sport. But India has not such tax exemption. The ICC’s decision is a temporary relief to BCCI.

“Every other cricket board gets tax exemptions from their government. But BCCI can’t expect the central government to bend its laws for us. Hence, all the members felt that the ICC should bear the damages. Anyway, BCCI generates the heaviest revenues by hosting events in India. The BCCI will not have to suffer any cuts from the ICC’s revenue pool,” said a BCCI official.

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