Guru Nanak says, “All in this world are unhappy.” What if we begin recognising the commonalities between the human community?

Today the human community is suffering from numerous evils including but not limited to race-related hate crimes, civil wars, depression, suicides, etc. Guru Nanak says, “Nanak dukhiya sab sansar” (All in this world are unhappy).

Every moment that we live on the earth is precious as nobody knows for how long they are here, the fact being we are not for forever. Despite that, we are always looking for something more, something better and not appreciating the present moment.

The precious life is not just for becoming wealthy, buying new things, getting more comfort and so on. Life is an opportunity to understand what value does being alive carries. It is about looking beyond the barriers created by ourselves.

The ability to learn from our past and not always carry the painful memories that obstruct us to live in the present, and making our future better is with few people.

Our life gets influenced through the people around us, choosing them wisely who motivates you in living a good life would be the first step towards goodness in life.

It would be better to recognise the human beings are fallible creatures and those around us including ourselves are fallible. In this way forgiving others and ourselves would make life uncomplicated.

Human beings are one if we begin recognising the commonalities between the human community rather than the differences, we would find we are having more in common and less indifference. From recognised the same we could achieve the ideals of justice, equality, fairness and global peace.

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