“India is the closest ally & trusted neighbour” – Maldives

COLOMBO: On Wednesday, the Government of Maldives rejected the anti-Indian sentiments prevailing on social media and called India its “closest ally and trusted neighbour.”

The statement came from the Maldivian government after #IndiaOut went viral on social media platforms. In their statement, Maldives rejected the allegation that India undermines the national security and sovereignty of the country and called out such sentiments to be “misguided” and “unsubstantiated”.

The Ministry of Foreign Relations appreciated India’s support in search & rescue capabilities, casualty evacuation, coastal surveillance and maritime reconnaissance. He remarked that India’s efforts have “directly benefitted” Maldivians. He also emphasised cooperation among countries to tackle global issues like trans-border terrorism, piracy, narcotics trafficking, climate change, cyber security and human trafficking. “No one country alone can address these issues on its own.” said the statement.

Ibrahim Mohammad Solih regime in the Maldives has been a target for critics. Especially, his “India first” policy in international relations. Indian Military’s presence and the opening of the Indian consulate in south Addu atoll has been violently opposed by such critics. Ministry clarified these “anti-Indian” sentiments saying that they don’t represent the majority but some smaller groups of individuals.

“The Government firmly believes that these views are not the sentiments of the general public, but rather that of a small group of individuals to tarnish the country’s long-standing cordial ties with India,”

Ministry of Foreign Relation, Maldives

India’s recently appointed High Commissioner to the Maldives Munu Mahawar presented his credentials to President Solih.

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