Navjot Singh Sidhu highlights the drugs problem in Punjab

CHANDIGARH: Punjab Congress President, Navjot Singh Sidhu has highlighted the problem of drugs in Punjab through a series of tweets.

“It was promised to the people of Punjab in 2017, that we will break the backbone of Drugs in 4 weeks but as per National Crime Record Bureau Reports from 2017 to 2020, Punjab has continuously retained the top position in Crime Rate in NDPS for the last 4 consecutive years” says, Sidhu.

He further said, “We have been accused of carrying forward the inglorious legacy of Akalis by waging sham war on Drugs. Punjab and Haryana High Court remarks are its testament, in CRM (M) No. 20630/2021, HC stated that: Drug Suppliers Enjoying Political Patronage Escape Punishment, only Small Time Carriers get caught.”

Sidhu added, “Further, in case involving recovery of 12.00 lacs Tramadol tablets (CRM-M-28183-2019), Hon’ble HC transferred the investigation to Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) with a remark that: Punjab State Functionaries for the reason best known to them are intentionally protecting the drug offenders”.

“Hon’ble HC supplied a copy of Special Task Force (STF) report on Drugs to the Government but instead of proceeding as per law, we are sitting on STF report since Feb, 2018. Even we have failed to extradite the other accused in this multi-crore Drugs case. Solution is to catch & punish the big fish”, said Sidhu.

Sidhu also said that “As per law, government has all the powers to proceed on the basis of STF report. Hence, it should be immediately made public, an FIR should be registered on its basis and a time bound investigation should be initiated to catch the big fishes responsible for narco-terrorism.”

In this way, Sidhu has pointed out at Government of Punjab under Punjab Congress of which he is the State President.

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