Will Kannagi get justice once again?

In 500 C.E, the tribes of Chera kingdom residing in the western ghats of ancient Tamizhagam were to receive the king Cheran Chenguttuvan on his arrival to oversee his empire.

They narrated a tragic incident to the King. On hearing the story of a woman who had walked 14 km from Madurai setting it burnt and standing under Venkai tree for fourteen days for her beloved husband to take her in the heavenly aircraft, Cheran narrated the tragic incident to his younger brother Ilangovadigal to write an epic and went to the Himalayas to get stones for the construction of a temple for her.

The ancient epic Silappadhikaram portrays the tragedy of Kannagi who lost her husband, Kovalan as a consequence of Pandya King’s injustice. Merchant Kovalan was mistakenly beheaded for the theft of the Pandya queen’s anklet. The epic is regarded as Citizen’s epic for its portrayal of the common man’s tale. The temple built for Kannagi 1500 years ago is in ruin, diminishing the cultural history of Tamils.

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The former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Kalaignar M.Karunanidhi had built Silappadhikaram Art Gallery in Poompuhar, an ancient Chola port city where Kovalan & Kannagi lived. It reminds us of the grand architectural description narrated in the epic.

Chithirai full moon day attracts tourists to these two sites. Both the temple and the art gallery were in destruction. The Kannagi temple being in the complete ruin which falls under the Kerala territory should be taken by the Tamil Nadu government and preserved as a cultural heritage of Tamils. The art gallery should be renovated to attract tourists once again.

3 thoughts on “Will Kannagi get justice once again?

    1. Its all about each one’s perspective. I was really rethinking your question and asked it to my mother. She said ‘yes’ she got justice as the Madurai city was burnt for slaying her husband. Both the Pandya King & Queen died immediately after hearing the denial of justice to Kannagi.The whole Pandya kingdom became destroyed.

      Do you need Kovalan to be resurrected? Do you think it is the only justice for her?

      If you think like it, she got justice in that way too. She was finally picked up by her husband Kovalan who came in a aircraft along with God Indira as the epic says.

      பொன்செய் கொல்லன் தன்சொற் கேட்ட
      யானோ அரசன் யானே கள்வன்
      மன்பதை காக்குந் தென்புலங் காவல்
      என்முதற் பிழைத்தது கெடுகவென் ஆயுளென
      மன்னவன் மயங்கிவீழ்ந் தனனே தென்னவன்
      கோப்பெருந் தேவி குலைந்தனள் நடுங்கிக்
      கணவனை இழந்தோர்க்குக் காட்டுவ தில்லென்று
      இணையடி தொழுதுவீழ்ந் தனளே மடமொழி.
      இதுக்கு மேலயும் விளக்கம் வேணும்னா நீங்க சிலப்பதிகாரம் தான் படிக்கணும். புரியலைன்னா என்கிட்ட கேட்கலாம்.

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  1. Well, in that case, Kannagi did got justice neither from the king nor the queen, where she seeked it for, but on her own.

    மேலும் விளக்கம் தேவையில்லை, நன்றாக விளக்கினிர். நன்றி!

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