Karthigai Maha Deepam was lit, as the festival of lights has begun

THIRUVANNAMALAI: “Karthigai Maha Deepam” was lit on the top of the 2,668-foot Annamalai Hills, at 6.00 PM, this evening.

The Maha Deepam was lit on the top of the Hills, while the devotees chanted “Annamalayarukku Arohara”.

It was lit on a giant copper utensil, filled with more than 3 tons of ghee and wick estimating more than 1000 m, which was made using a particular cloth material and could be seen burning, even from miles away, for eleven days.

Early in the day, after the temple was opened at 2.00 AM, the Bharani Deepam was lit at 4.00 AM, inside the temple.

Generally, more than 15 lakh people would visit the place during the Maha Deepam. But, due to the pandemic, only 20,000 devotees (5,000 from the Thiruvannamalai district and 15,000 from other districts and States) were allowed, as per the court’s order.

It was celebrated modestly last year too, as the pandemic was at its peak.

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