Rivers, Tales and Tunes : Celebrating the onset of World Heritage Week

Every year, November 19-25 marks World Heritage Week. It is celebrated all around the world, and Kolkata is no exception. This time Delhi Art Gallery or DAG Museums has partnered with organisations in and around Kolkata, with the hope of travelling to various sites that help reconnect Bengal Art to diverse notions of our heritage.

Representational Image

The main theme behind these endeavors is ‘The City as a Museum’- a very interesting idea indeed. It implies- the city itself is a giant museum, with its age old architecture, numerous antique as well as evergreen lanes and by-lanes, and myriads of anecdotes. The attempt is to make the citizens more conscious about the city heritage, and discuss how things around us are connecting threads between the past and the present.

In the upcoming events, DAG is going to associate with Ghare Baire, Victoria Memorial Hall, the Botanical Garden, The Indian Museum and various other organisations. Many exciting workshops and captivating walks are going to be held.

Rediscovering the rich heritage of the city through art, music and conversations would be truly engrossing. Wishing the week-long celebration a great success!

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