Shantanu Prasher counters Vir Das’, ‘I come from two Indias’ monologue at Kennedy Center

NEW DELHI: Shantanu Prasher who administers the YouTube channel named ‘Shan Prasher’ and is known for his show ‘Honestly Saying’ has countered Vir Das’ ‘I come from two Indias’ monologue that was delivered at the Kennedy Center, Washington DC, United States of America.

Prasher in his YouTube video published on his channel says, “There are two Indias, I agree there are two Indias, you also know there are two types of Indias, there are two Indias just like there are two types of Americas.”

“One America that is pro-gun, one America that is against gun and there is a problem here of mass shooters. There’s one America which is against American waged wars and one that funds and fuels these American waged wars” adds, Prasher.

He also added, “Whatever Vir said in his monologue was a very bitter truth many people would get hurt, many people sentiments would be hurt and has got hurt in fact but at times it is important to show the mirror to the society but in what way, amongst who, and in what way it is being shown that matters the most.

Vir Das delivered a monologue at Kennedy Center on ‘I come from two Indias’ in which he made a satire on the duality of two separate Indias. Later, after the monologue received severe criticism he clarified stating that, “I take pride in my country, and I carry that pride across the world.”

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