Apple informs its employees about their rights after resistance

SAN FRANCISCO: Apple has delivered a message to its employees to make them aware and assure them that they may comfortably discuss wages, working hours and conditions after recent resistance.

“We encourage any employee with concerns to raise them in the way they feel most comfortable, internally or externally,” stated the company in the post viewed by Reuters from Apple’s internal site. 

The post arrives after a broader push by Silicon Valley workers to speak out about their working conditions and the impact of technology on society.

Janneke Parrish, former Apple program manager, who got fired after playing a leading role in employee activism, said that she is hopeful that Apple’s message will ease the path for others.

Another prominent activist, Apple software engineer Cher Scarlett, wrote on Twitter that she is leaving the company. 

She had also filed a charge with the National Labor Relations Board alleging that Apple halted discussions of pay among employees. 

Scarlett and Parrish  have worked together on “#AppleToo,” a group through which current and former employees share stories of what they call harassment and discrimination faced.

Ashley Gjovik, former senior engineering program manager also got fired by Apple after raising concerns about harassment and workplace safety. 

She has further filed NLRB charges, alleging that Apple policies violate the National Labor Relations Act.

Apple has said that its policies do not preclude employees from ‘speaking freely’ about working conditions as reported by Reuters. But no official statement on the post is given by Apple.

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