The economic crisis in Afghanistan, emergence of a new class of unemployed and below poverty line

KABUL: Ever since the Taliban’s acquisition of Afghanistan’s economy has contracted by 40% in 3 months. People of Afghanistan, are facing all kinds of trouble. The World Food Programme is providing for 14 million people since August.

A new class of unemployed and below the poverty line people have emerged, who previously belonged to the upper-middle class but after the acquisition, these people had to lose their job. According to the United Nations, 22% of the population of 38 million are already near famine. 36% of people are facing acute food shortages.

Afghanistan’s economy was already in a poor state, Under the US-led government often employees were not getting paid. Covid 19 and drought made the situation worse. In 2020, half of the population was already in poverty. Taliban’s acquisition has led to the world’s shut down of funding, leading to rising in food prices. The International Banking system has cut off assistance to Afghanistan banks.

Some international organisations have come forward to help the misery of Afghanistan people. The US and other international donors are funding money through UN agencies, ensuring money don’t go to the coffers of the Taliban. There has been a sudden rise in emaciated and malnourished kids mostly from countries poorest families.

Organisations like the UN development programme, WHO and UNICEF are directly paying hospitals and doctors around the country to keep the health sector from collapsing. The WFP is providing cash aid and food for families.

People are now having to scavenge for food, they’re skipping meals and mothers are forced to reduce portions of food

Shelley Thakur, WFP spokesperson for Afghanistan

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