Equality for women or feminism is long heard, but are women completely free from male privileges?

I am a man, who has been granted privileges in society, but how many of us accept this fact? Barely few, that itself is a privilege. Is she a woman? Is she a slut? She is weak, act like a woman do not go outside at night, cover your body are some traditional norms associated with women, followed by the Indian society.

Equality for women or feminism is long heard, but are women completely free from male privileges?

The answer is simply no. Why? You even today, hear them, but we argue and hide the fact with every new law that supports women empowerment, rather no law could change the society inflicted norms in any generation. We could still hear this in our family or surrounding.

Whom to blame? Is it just men promoting these norms? No, why because you could even listen to, BJP’s Baby Rani Maurya (Former Uttarakhand governor and BJP national vice president) asking women not to visit the police station after 5 pm.

This instance clearly shows women who does not hesitate to promote male privileges. Presenting the report here is not to put the complete blame on her, but as a prominent governmental figure, this message is against public freedom. Government bodies have a serious role in promoting a safe environment for women without affecting their rights.

Can someone take away male privileges?

‌If you are a 90’s kid, there probably will be very few who could not think of being born without these privileges. Even if you say, you are against all these norms, education and religion play a significant role to teach you that it is always like this in a society, where you have to live with male privileges.

There are present trends that show; a family of newly married couples decided to name their child, where his second name to be that of the mother. These new trends do enhance a few changes to age-old traditions of male patriarchy. There existed days when women hardly could vote or have equal wages is a reality, so granting freedom one after another is also at the mercy of male privileges. So, why is it that men have to provide everything, that women have the right? There is a lot of questions still unanswered.

Rape is the fourth most common crime against women in India. According to the 2019 annual report of the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), 32033 rape cases were across the country, or an average of 88 cases daily, slightly lower than in 2018, when 91 are registered daily. All the rape cases were reported in different parts of the country. We always hear about arrests, interrogations, death sentences, protests and a lot of it unresolved. Have you ever heard of reports on zero rapes? No, so is it not natural for people to feel men be trash.

Even after all that trauma women had to go through her life, what has changed?

Laws getting stronger or some media or politicians saying, sentence him to death. Are these men not part of the same patriarchy that caused such situations? Every day in channel debates on rapes, we hear men (of particular party afflictions, religion, or a group) discussing on rights of women. When the same thing happens right in front of their groups, they don’t speak, rather happily find or pointing the mistakes of others, including that of the uneducated poor who are both victims and victimizers of rapes.

Is sentencing those to death solve the issue of men being addressed trash?

No, because do we learn anything? Yes, an average Indian kid study all subjects like science, maths, social sciences, general knowledge etc. We also go to religious places to learn things like God is our saviour, pray, forgive, love. Also, one major thing you remember, heads of these institutions are always male etc. We could never forget the fact we are a male-dominated society. We are also learning a lot for the future, or do we? Just studying, having a career, praying to God solve issues of these kinds? It was and still is hard for a student to learn human anatomy, biology in a classroom without giggling or laughing. Yes, we are present in a system without sex education.

A friend with a disability once told me about a film that had a character with impairment; portrayed as a person with no promising future, which is quite a recurrent trope in cinemas. The marginalized sections such as women, people with disabilities and Dalits in films, portrayed in a way; they are double marginalized, but one question this system is a traitor. Even today, we find films enhancing the so-called society inflicted privileges on colour, gender and religion, thus affecting the vulnerable categories.

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