Story of father’s love and pain in a running family writes, Satish Kumar

It was Christmas Eve, Surya went out to buy a gift for his son. While doing so, he got a cold call from his office head. Thereafter, Surya reached the home and had a bitter experience with his 9-year-old son Vijay.

Vijay comes out of the home in anger. Surya searched his missing son to take home. Suddenly, Vijay appears near the bridge. Already the weather was so bad and the police there step back to save Vijay who was near to avalanche. Surya went alone to save his son while avalanche arriving towards them.

While saving Vijay, Surya gets fainted. To this horrible breathtaking incident, Vijay went back to home and unknowingly a devilish toy enters into his home together. Then Surya takes his friend’s advice and took his family for weekend trip.

After they return home, big news came in TV with serious incidents. Surya ignores the incident and went back to office next day as usual. There was a big problem raises wherever the devilish toy went with Vijay. The horrible incidents noticed first by Vijay’s friend Mary.

One day, Surya astonishes to see Vijay talking in the air at midnight. Then Surya notices serial incidents horribly and decides something going on around Vijay.

Immediately, Surya meets his friends for help. The church father there who attended the party helps Surya. Mary who also there tells the truth of unusual behavior of Vijay and serious accident she faced with Vijay.

Listening to that, father decided to see Surya’s home. While entering home, toy makes uncertain consequences and flush away the people outside home. Father tries to save, but he could not control all the power of Devil.

Eventually Surya save his son and family connection with unintended consequences. Vijay, who has seen it with his eyes, realize the value of his father’s love.

Satish Kumar is the author of the book ‘Relevance: Love, and Faith

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