Does environment influence the children’s development?

Children don’t listen but they follow the surrounding people. They will learn by imitating. Psychologists believe that education starts from the mother’s womb. Even in “Mahabharatha”, they said that “Abhimanyu” learned numerous vidyas from their mother’s womb only. Information regarding; growth, development and maturation of the child make one bring the best in the child’s life, the role of teachers is also significant.

Some theorists believe that children develop continuously but other theorists believe that children develop in a series of stages. Both are correct in their own ways. As some parents observe the stepwise changes in their children from infancy to toddler to two feet almost overnight.

Does heredity influence development? There’s always a controversy between psychologists, biologists and educationists whether heredity or environment is a more important factor for the development of children.

One psychologist “Kellogg” mentioned in his “Kellogg’s study” – This research was on their son and a chimpanzee. The son’s age was 10 and the chimpanzee’s age was seven and half months. Both were reared in the same environment with the same facilities. Physical and social behaviours were recorded every day. The physical and motor development of the chimpanzee at first was very rapid and ahead of the child. By the end of the first year, it started falling behind in many functions. It proved the limits set up by biological makeup. But “Watson J.B.” highlighted the environment declaring “Give me two or a Hitler or a Marconi by providing suitable environment”.

There’s a story about environmental influence called “Wolf boy Ramu”.
A wolf picked up Ramu when he was very young and he was brought up among wolves. When he was brought back, he crawled and sounded like a wolf and he had the same food habits as wolves.
We can change the child’s behaviour up to great extent by providing a nourishing environment, even they have heredity influence.

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