Bow Bow Fest by Kozhikode Corporation a success

KOZHIKODE: Bow Bow Fest conducted by Kozhikode Corporation for stray dog’s adoption, noted as a great success. Kozhikode Corporation organised the special camp ‘Bow Bow Fest’ at Tagore hall on November 29.

An organiser, who conducted the fest, said, at first a link was made, where 26 people responded but the number exceeded 50, which was of great shock to the organisers. The NGO’s such as Care with Kozhikode Cooperation together made this a success, the organiser noted.

The major cause for such an initiative was to promote the life of homeless stray dogs and organisers are happy to introduce more of such events in the coming years.

“People should take care of its food, sterilization, vaccination and other care requirements, instead of buying out of craze”, said a person who attended the fest.

The puppies are under the care of the Animal Birth Control (ABC) system and Care and People for Animal welfare organisations. The adoption is part of the ABC’s programme, meant for street sterilization. The camp was conducted as per the directions of the Kerala High Court.

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