Less is More: The path to a minimalist lifestyle

Some people say that the best things in life are free. And while we agree, there is a lot to be said for simplicity and minimalism when it comes to living a fulfilling life.

Minimalism can also reduce stress from activities on your schedule while adding more space into each day so you have more overall throughout the week. Your schedule should be a reflection of your priorities, not yours and everyone else’s.

Courtesy: Pexels

So take time to carefully review what you have going on in the next three months and eliminate anything that doesn’t add value or joy to your life.

A minimalist lifestyle is one where you make peace with all your possessions and learn to appreciate them as things that bring value into your life instead of items that keep demanding more attention than they should or need for us to be happy.

You don’t have to own more minor, but instead, take the time to pick and choose what’s right for you while also not letting other people who may like those same objects control how much space it takes up in your home. As living a minimalist lifestyle means being able to focus on only the essential things so you can live each day feeling fulfilled from within yourself without needing anyone or anything else around you aside from what brings positive energy into your world.

The first step to breathing a minimalist lifestyle is to reduce the physical clutter in your home. Start by making three piles of all the items you own: one bundle for things that bring you joy, one down to throw away and donate, and another pile for things that need repair or are missing pieces. Then get rid of everything else! If you haven’t utilised it in over six months, then the chances are good that you won’t cut it if someone takes it off your hands. Your goal should be to have less than 300 total possessions at any given time.

Another path towards leading a minimalist lifestyle is keeping only items in your home that bring you to gain rather than loss by reducing negative feelings from mental clutter. Start with purging everything about yourself that you hate: every thought, feeling, belief or habit that has been weighing down on you for too long. Then start adding things into your daily routine, such as meditation exercises designed to reduce anxiety and depression while increasing happiness levels throughout each day so they become more positive over time instead of being stuck at a negative level.

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