Tirumala Ghat; landslides on road causing blockage to vehicles

TRIMULA: On Tuesday, November 30, a landslide on the Tirumala Ghat road caused blockage to vehicles. The road was a passage to vehicles running towards Venkateswara temple, alternate routes have been arranged in order to reduce the traffic. On Wednesday, December 1 road was closed for repairs.

As per the reports, boulders falling onto the ghat road from the hills caused damage to roads at different places. Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam’s (TTD), vigilance and both engineering, forest wings have reached the spot to oversee the removal of boulders from the road.

Tirumala has been recently witnessing heavy rainfalls, causing landslides in multiple places. The TTD said that the barricade wall near the Akkagarla temple was damaged, causing boulders to fall on the first ghat road.

Landslides occurred at around 13 places, in the second ghat. TTD had said it had suffered losses of around Rs 4 crore due to rains, which led to dams overflowing in Seshachalam hills through the Kapila Theertham falls and also caused flooding in Tirupati city.

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