Union Government to parliament, it has no record on the death of farmers. “Modi headed ‘no data govt’ crosses limits” says, Sitaram Yechury

NEW DELHI: Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Tomar told the parliament on Tuesday, November 29 that the Union government has no records on the death of farmers who protested, a yearlong against the government formed farm laws.

In a reply given to the questions based on farmers protests, Tomar said the government has no records on deaths reported therefore there is no question for compensation to their families. Union government doesn’t have records on the number of cases registered against the farmers, he added.

This is the second time government has informed the parliament that, it doesn’t have any records of the framer’s death during the protest.

According to the press release, Modi announced on November 19, Samyukta Kisan Morcha, had said that “nearly 700” protestors had died during the farmer protests.

Data from the Punjab government accessed by IE had confirmed that 220 farmers and farm labourers had died till July 20, a report from July 24, 2021.

According to the farmer groups, the only reply from the government was a verbal assurance to the farmers.

CPI (M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury has commented on the matter, “Modi headed ‘no data govt’ crosses limits to being callous & inhuman once again.”

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