18 of 16000 flyers from at-risk countries tested positive; Omicron genome sequencing is underway: Government

NEW DELHI: On Friday, Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya informed Parliament that RT-PCR tests had been undertaken on 16,000 travellers from ‘at-risk’ nations, with 18 of them testing positive for Covid-19.

For such travellers, he also stated that genome sequencing for Omicron identification is in the works.

In response to a debate in the Lok Sabha on the pandemic, he stated that the Union Government has taken steps to prepare the country for any future challenges, including implementing a buffer stock policy to ensure that all states have enough medicines to deal with any further increase in Covid-19 cases.

“A decision on booster doses and vaccinations for children will be made based on scientific advice,” he stated, urging opposition parties to put their faith in scientists.

“The Narendra Modi government is working to improve the country’s ageing health infrastructure. The government strived for results without blaming past governments for ignoring health infrastructure. Decisions made under PM Modi’s leadership over the previous two years demonstrate that this government operates on the basis of willpower rather than power,” during a conversation about India’s Covid-19 management, he stated.

Mandaviya further emphasised that India has “one of the lowest (cases) in the world” with 25,000 cases and 340 deaths per million people, and slammed the Opposition’s criticism for allegedly concealing the actual number of Covid-19 fatalities during the second wave.

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