Twitter new privacy policy; a threat to activists and journalists?

NEW DELHI: Twitter’s new privacy policy prohibits sharing of other people’s personal information such as phone numbers, addresses and IDs.

“There are growing concerns about the misuse of media and information that is not available elsewhere online as a tool to harass, intimate, and reveal the identities of individuals,” Twitter said in a blog post.

Where few users appreciated the move, others shared their concerns stating, the new policy is another attempt by big media to prevent legitimate investigations of prominent people.

Right after the new privacy policy, many journalists shared emails sent by Twitter that stated, “Twitter will produce information relating to your account.”

Journalists and activists worry Twitter’s new privacy policy would make their jobs tougher, due to vague terms like “the public interest”.

On Wednesday, cyber security expert Chad Loder wrote, the new policy had already been used to block an account belonging to a photojournalist because they posted a video of two right-wing extremists who are planning to attack another journalist.

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