Twitter users suddenly experience drop in their followers

NEW DELHI: In recent times the users of Twitter in India complained about a sudden drop in their followers experienced by them. The users asked for an explanation for losing hundreds or even thousands of their followers within minutes. 

Though there was no official statement released by the company, they might have conducted a cleanup drive in order to remove the bots and inactive accounts. The company is known to perform such drives regularly to keep the users safe.

In the month of June Twitter stated, “You may notice some follower count fluctuations from time to time. Accounts that we’ve asked to confirm their password or phone number aren’t included in follower counts until they’ve confirmed that info. We do this regularly to help prevent spam and keep all accounts secure” in support of its cleanup drive.

According to Reuters, Twitter had previously removed more than 3,000 accounts which operated as “foreign state-linked information operations” during its clean up drive.These accounts were linked to operations attributed to six different countries namely; China, Mexico and Russia.

There have been several new rules made by the company, keeping in mind the privacy of the users. These include allowing users to share media files like pictures or videos of individuals only after their consent. Banning the share of media files that revealed confidential information.

These new rules are aimed at cracking down posts that could lead to harassment or invasion of our personal space. The new rules were announced right after the appointment of the new Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal.

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