“I also remember Vinod Dua’s passing without seeing and would also remember to satisfy him by seeing”; Ravish Kumar’s ‘condolence letter’

I also remember Vinod Dua’s passing without seeing and would also remember to satisfy him by seeing.

When you are very new, you look at someone very old with great anticipation and panic. They yearn to be seen by him and keep watching by stealing their eyes from him. Have a passion to be like him or to be better than him. They may not be there but they become something like that. We saw Vinod Dua swapping all these hopes and disappointments. Been together for a long time. Not personal, but more professional. The memories of professional relationships are very different from personal relationships. Always looked up at him and saw him walking straight. I used to wonder how someone could walk like this all the time. Didn’t turn a blind eye very easily. If he used to walk, he used to walk straight. In such a situation, there was very little chance that his eyes would turn towards you. There was only one way left that you should come in front of them but it was not easy to come in front of them without doing anything. There were gatherings, but they did not decorate the gatherings by making disciples from the office. He had his own friends with whom he used to decorate the gatherings. His coming there humming something all the time was a relief. Otherwise, such a cold person can spoil the condition of many. Humming of Vinod used to create an atmosphere of humor around him. You used to be comfortable. There were some carelessness and carelessness, but it was part of his way of life and sometimes due to this he also crossed the limits which he had made for himself and everyone. He liked that someone was meeting him with a smile. He did not like the licentiousness in anyone.

His presence at the place of work gave equal opportunity to all. People used to interrupt him easily and many times put their hands on their mistakes. But when they lay their hands on someone’s mistake, the situation would get worse. Vinod had a wealth of information. His memory was wonderful. The whole sher of a poet, the chaupai of Tulsi and the couplets of Kabir used to come on the tongue like this. It was hard to believe how he could remember so much. It used to be guessed that Vinod Dua must have been very busy with his preparations in a room unknown to all of us before coming to the public. No one could have so much authority on the knowledge of literature and classical music while walking. I want to say that we all saw Vinod Dua at work place but before coming there, how Vinod Dua used to make himself Vinod Dua, did not see.

He was a fan of Ganesh ji. There were innumerable figures of Ganesha in his house. There were sculptures. Perhaps he borrowed the parikrama from Ganesha and circumambulated India a lot. Went several times in each direction. Went for a variety of programs. His presence in front of the camera created a new language in itself. There was a certain kind of visibility in his language. He used to draw the blueprint like a great cartographer. It is very difficult in such a long life that you keep on playing only century innings. Many innings were also zero and there are tales of getting out before getting runs and returning to the pavilion. Vinod has also left the bat in his hand and Vinod has scored runs on such a ball, which he could have had an accurate eye on. He liked to be called Vinod.

Been together for quite a long time. Sometimes he held hands and sometimes only showed the way. In Gurgaon, the police had lathi-charged the workers. He was doing live coverage. When I returned to the office in the evening, we met on the stairs. Stopped me, started saying that it was world class television. This would not happen even in the television of the world which you did. At that time we did not know and even today we do not know what world class is, but Vinod insisted in such a way that confidence in his work increased. There were many occasions when he generously called and said that this is world class. I kept wondering what world class is to Vinod Dua. I could never ask because just saying that much, I used to shrink with happiness like Lajwanti. I do not have a complete account of his praises, but those praises have given me immense happiness. Encouraged.

It was fifty years of independence. I didn’t want anyone to see my script before the show was made. I said this with humor. Vinod said that you must be doing some mischief. I said no sir. What to show someone before writing and making something. So he said no one, tell that Vinod Dua has seen and cleared it. When Vinod Dua introduced, there was a comment on him in that program too. He would not have thought that Vinod Dua, on the basis of which this program has been made, will also have a comment on Vinod Dua. Vinod Dua was stunned by that sudden remark but he didn’t mind. He kept on praising after every part of the whole program that only Ravish can do it. I stood at the other end hesitantly like a new professional. He used to lose his confidence every day and keep on gaining it every day. He was respected because he possessed the skill of the medium. He used to praise me in terms of medium. Filled me with love for the medium. Got so much from him, that was enough.

Even after this we were not close personally but in my memory he is not less than anyone close. Remember to pass without seeing them and you will also remember to satisfy them by seeing them. He got a lot of shingles and never got shingles. That’s what a good master does. Doesn’t ask for a share by paying his entitlement. He goes some other way and we go some other way. One should always be thankful for what he gave. The confidence given by Vinod Dua was very useful in the journey ahead. With which you learn driving, you do not remember it at every turn, but at some point in the journey, some things are remembered about it. Your speed changes. The style of travel changes. Vinod Dua, Dua Saheb, Vinod, you will be remembered with the changing gears of life.

(The above is the ‘condolence letter’ from Ravish Kumar’s Facebook translated in English from Hindi language from Google Translate).

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