Taliban Chief announced to stop forced marriage of women in Afghanistan

KABUL: On Friday, Taliban made the decision for banning the forced marriage of women in Afghanistan with the announcement from its Chief. It was a major move by the Taliban in bringing global attention to their government and restoring aid to the country.

Hibatullah Akhunzad, the Taliban Chief made the announcement; it comes as poverty is rising in the country after the takeover of the Taliban in August. U.S. and NATO troops’ withdrawal has halted foreign government funds to the country.

No one can force women to marry without her consent, says the new law. In the past two decades, women rights improved after international presence in Afghanistan, but the return of the Taliban posed more threats to the rights of women.

Women in Afghanistan for decades were under the harsh treatment of patriarchy. Taliban now says they are against these practices, such as the exchange of women as a token for blood money. They also allowed women to re-marry 17 weeks after the death of husbands, choosing husbands freely.

Friday’s announcement comes after thousands of girls from grades seven to twelve were not allowed to attend schools, and jobs for women were banned by the Taliban.

The question still remains, whether the Taliban would extend women rights around jobs and education. Although the Taliban says they have changed, women and other officials remain sceptical on the matter.

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