Geopolitical relevance of Afghanistan could not be ignored in contemporary times, even in the past

In contemporary times or even in the past the geopolitical relevance of Afghanistan could not have been ignored. The reason being its geo-strategic location at the intersection of Russia, China, West Asia and Europe with that the presence of hydrocarbon and other valuable mineral resources.

The above-mentioned attributes have become unfortunate for the country as the region has been witnessing an intense turmoil and rivalry for influence among significant and global, regional, and local powers which includes; United States, Russia, China, Turkey, Iran, India, Pakistan, and Taliban. It is often referred to as the ‘new great game’ that could have been considered an end after abrupt United States withdrawal from the country though, the misery of the nation continues. Afghanistan being a land-locked country i.e. without sea borders similar to Nepal in that sense has also made it vulnerable for possible intimidation from its neighbourhood states at regular intervals.

As in the forthcoming years, the strategic confrontation of the United States with China is going to increase the relevance of Afghanistan would continue in future as well for the world at large. It is one amongst the most underprivileged countries of the world and as the economic conditions worsen after the United States withdrawal combined with the regressive religious measures with the comeback of the Taliban regime, Afghanistan has become a cause of concern for the global community and not being limited to the misery being faced by the people of Afghanistan.

Over the decades’ various countries have endeavoured to influence outcomes in Afghanistan and it has been well described as the ‘graveyard of empires’. After the return of the Taliban in Afghanistan and United States departure, the future of Afghanistan and its long-term interests have been impacted. It has reinforced Pakistan’s importance to America’s ‘strategic flexibility’ especially in an era of a renewed power struggle between significant powers of the world namely the United States and China which altogether conveys Afghanistan will be relevant geopolitically in the years to come as was in the past.

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