Postmodernist us and what we miss being immersed in media

We are constantly immersed in media, so much that we have come to blur the boundaries between media and reality. A perfect example of this is advertising. Lynx adverts commonly feature an average man who sprays himself and becomes immediately irresistible to women. This is highly unlikely in real life but we are sold this simulation, this distorted reality to make us buy their product.

The theorist Jean Baudrillard’s theory on postmodernism explains us how we are living in hyperreality. We use places like ‘Disneyland’ to try to legitimise the rest of the world as the truth, but the rest of the world is not a truth due to the extent of media influence.

Courtesy: Pexels

At first glance, audiences of postmodern films may see it as simply superhero characterization that saves the world or solves a problem. However, after reading a little deeper, the symbols are uncovered. The superheroes together are a symbol of unity and diversity. It is a reflection of how society today puts great importance on the equality of one another despite how they look on the outside – their respective beliefs, ethnicity, or backgrounds.

This view challenges the audience to read between lines between the lines, connect the dots and to see the big picture in a content. These different perspectives and references creates more meaning to the film, a greater sense of nostalgia that society during the postmodern period craves as established by media theorists. It challenges the audience to uncover semantics. Audiences are actually forced to form their own ideas and opinions based on the information usually presented before them.

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