Rs 9600 crore worth mega-projects inaugurated by PM in Yogi’s home ground Gorakhpur

NEW DELHI: On Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated AIIMS, the fertilizer plant of Hindustan Urvarak Rasayan Ltd, and ICMR’s Regional Research Centre in Gorakhpur, UP. The total cost of the projects is estimated at Rs 9600 crore.

The Gorakhpur AIIMS has been built at a cost of Rs 1,100 crore. This will have an implication on the people of eastern UP along with the population of Bihar, Jharkhand, and Nepal since they won’t need to travel large distances to Delhi and other cities for check-ups. It is equipped with 300 beds along with other five star facilities.

The Regional Research Centre of ICMR is set up at a cost of Rs 36 crore. The research centre will undertake tests and research of vector-borne diseases which will help in the development of medicines and cures for the future. Also, this will release other research labs from pressure related to the tests and research of those diseases.

A fertilizer plant of Hindustan Urvarak Rasayan Ltd will get operational in Gorakhpur and spread across 600 acres. The cost of the project is 8,603 crore which will produce 12.7 lakh metric tons of neem coated urea per year. This will also help in creating employment opportunities and benefits for the farmers as well.

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