The importance of human connections: Are we really connected?

And in the naked light, I saw

Ten thousand people, maybe more

People talking without speaking

People hearing without listening

Written by Paul Simon, Performed by Simon and Garfunkel

How often do we really stop and think if we are truly connected to the people we talk to?

Day by day, the world is becoming increasingly connected, yet somehow, we are increasingly becoming isolated. While technology seems to connect us more than ever, we are gradually being disconnected from nature, from others, as well as from ourselves.

But is technology the only thing to be blamed? Not only in online platforms, but also in face-to-face interactions, are we not growing detached?

The eminent poet and author Sankha Ghosh once wrote, “When we talk to someone, we want him/her to understand what we are trying to say; our thoughts and perspectives. But, is it always so? Or to put in another way, even if we consciously want so, subconsciously is it always the case? What do we want the other person to understand: our words, our thoughts, or is it rather our ability to reflect, our individuality? Although speaking is a way of connection, it can sometimes turn into immense disconnection.”

It is very important to figure out what we want to convey while interacting with someone. If we give it a thought, it would be evident that many a time we end up announcing how much information we hold, rather than conveying our thoughts. Information here relates more to ‘facts’ rather than ‘knowledge’.

We often tend to forget that listening is equally, if not more, important as speaking. If we want to be truly connected to someone, we must listen to what he/she has to say, and not merely hear. Regardless of age, everyone has something to say, to express. Being listened to with due attention definitely makes each of us feel better.

So speak rather than talk, listen rather than hear. Only then we can overcome our inability to communicate with each other!

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