What were Gen Bipin Rawat’s views on Kashmir issue when he was the Indian Army Chief?

NEW DELHI: The views of Gen Bipin Rawat on ‘Kasmir issue’ who was serving as the Chief of Defence Staff could be understood going into the times when he was serving as the Indian Army Chief. Major Leetul Gogoi a young officer accused of using a Kashmiri man as human shield against stone throwers was awarded. Gen Bipin Rawat, in 2017 when serving as the Indian Army Chief said that, the objective behind awarding Major Gogoi was to boost the morale of young of­­ficers serving in a ‘very difficult’ en­vironment in Kashmir.

Rawat acknowledged that people throw stones and petrol bombs at the Army. He asserted, as the Army Chief I am required to maintain the morale of my troops who are operating there. As he was away from the battlefield he said, I cannot influence the situation th­ere and can only tell the boys that “I am with you.” Rawat used to tell officers, “Things will go wrong, but if things have gone wrong and you did not have malafide intent, I am there.” Rawat had the idea of court proceedings as he claimed of inquiry against Major Gogoi and the same was the reason he awarded the young officer.

The then Army Chief had the understanding with regar to complexity of the situation in Kashmir and the security challenge that it possess. Rawat said, it were to be easier if protesters are firing instead of throwing stones at us then he could proceed suitably.

It was important for Rawat to keep fear in adversaries and the people for the Army otherwise country is could be in an unfortunate condition. He said we are a friendly Army but when we are asked to re­store law and order, pe­o­ple have to be afraid of us.

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