Is it possible to stop Omicron with a booster shot?

NEW DELHI: A research was carried out by Imperial College London academics in the view of controlling or stopping the spread of Omicron variant. Many countries have begun developing booster shots to improve immunity against the Omicron coronavirus strain. According to the Indian government, everyone should be vaccinated before getting a booster shot.

As per the study, booster shot can provide up to 85% protection against the fast-spreading version. The research is based on the minimal information available about Omicron, which began in South Africa last month and has now spread to over 80 countries.

The researchers said in the study that the booster doses will be significant in reducing the impact of Omicron waves in future around the world with integration of immunological model with SARS-CoV2. According to the same model, the delta version of coronavirus has a higher efficiency – over 97 percent.

Omicron has been rapidly expanding over the world. Britain reported 3,201 cases of the new variety on Friday, the largest daily increase since Omicron was discovered in the country, bringing the total number of cases to 14,909.

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