Jairam Ramesh presents Vishnupuram award to Poet Vikramadithyan

COIMBATORE: Former Union Minister and present Member of Parliament, Jairam Ramesh participated in the Vishnupuram literary award function held in Coimbatore today. He presented the Vishnupuram Literary Award 2021 to poet Vikramadithyan.

The award comprises a memento and a cash prize of 2 lakh rupees. A book and a documentary are released about the awardee in the occasion.

Nambirajan was born in Tirunelveli Town in the year of Indian Independence. He did various jobs growing as a vagabond. He worked as a journalist in Nakkeeran and Tharasu magazines. Then he wrote with the pen name Vikramadithyan.

There is no ostentatious manner in his writings. He writes poems from his experiences in a simple yet beautiful style. He knows astrology and also acted in films like Naan Kadavul and Angadi Theru.

Vikramadithyan has published 16 poetry collections including Aakaasam Neela Niram, Oorum Kaalam and Ulvaangum Ulagam. He has also published two short story collections and 7 collections of articles on literature and other topics.

The award is given to eminent Tamil writers who were unrecognised on the big literary platforms. Vishnupuram literary circle consisting of writer Jeyamohan’s readers conducts the function every year from 2010. Writers like Poomani, Vannadasan and Cho.Darman were provided with the Sahitya Akademi award only after getting the Vishnupuram literary award.

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