Murder At Teesri Manzil 302: One movie Irrfan’s legacy absolutely did not need

A long-delayed Irrfan Khan starrer, Murder At Teesri Manzil 302 that is now released and streaming on OTT platform Zee5 is an absolute disappointment. Even for those of us who have been missing the magnificent Irrfan, this is the one movie we’d have been okay without. Murder At Teesri Manzil is not just bad, it’s horrific with terrible loopholes and barely even has what one likes to call a plot.

The film was supposed to be released a decade ago as Bangkok Blues but somehow kept getting delayed and now sadly, is dumped on us. This is not the movie that, not only a true fan but anyone would like to remember as Irrfan’s last film.

The film is directed by Navdeep Baj Saini and doesn’t seem like he’s doing anything in particular to save the sinking ship and music or the camera doesn’t help. The story majorly is, a rich woman hires a kidnapper, played by Irrfan Khan, to kidnap herself to extort money from her husband. The kidnapper has no idea that he is being duped, and the lady isn’t who she claims to be. When the original wife is discovered dead, the investigation into who is who begins. Damn! This seems exciting, sorry!

Everything about the film is outdated, and there isn’t much to talk about. Even considering the period in which it was made, the picture fails to do justice to its plot. A cop in glasses played by Lucky Ali keeps coming up in the scenes and providing comic relief, but they aren’t conducting any concrete investigations beyond stopping random people on Bangkok’s streets and measuring their height.

Irrfan’s presence is the only good thing about this film and demonstrates that no matter how mediocre a film is, the moment Irrfan Khan is on the screen, he will enhance it beyond. Even in the most sloppy scenes of a puerile and untidy suspense thriller, the actor maintains his composure and finds methods to distance himself from the mediocrity that surrounds him. As for Ranvir Shorey, he appears to be locked in a rut, acting the same way throughout the film without a trace of change.

Elucidating, even the best of actors have a film they regret and wouldn’t ever want on their portfolio. The film is not worth the time and if you’re looking to honor the legacy of Irrfan I’d suggest you pick any other than this from his varied oeuvre, for example, Haider. The film was left unreleased for years and I wish it had been left that way, but guess it’s too late now.

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