Speeches that shocked the Indian Parliament during 2021

NEW DELHI: In the article we would go through some speeches that shocked the Indian Parliament in 2021.

Mahau Moitra speech on 08 February 2021: “I will lay out various instances where this government has demonstrated “courage”. The government claims it has shown courage to bring in a law that questions, on arbitrary parameters, who is or who isn’t an Indian. The courage to try and take over every state government by hook or by crook, whether you have won the popular mandate or not. The courage to announce a national lockdown at only four hours’ notice, causing untold misery , countless deaths, the sight of thousands walking for hundreds of miles with no food or money. The courage to use the official channels of the Ministry of External Affairs to respond to social media posts by an 18-year-old climate activist, and an American popstar. And finally, the ”courage” to bring in three farm laws when the opposition, farmers across the country as well as the government’s oldest ally, warned it was unacceptable. You keep taunting the Congress about the Emergency? But India today is in a state of undeclared emergency.”

Farooq Abdullah speech on 09 February 2021: “What you did on 5th August, 2019… You just did it. You could have spoken to us first, asked what would be right. You didn’t ask, you just did it. Your party for 70 years wanted to abrogate 370, end 35(A), and unite the country. When were we not in the country? We raised this flag even when 1,500 of my ministers died. My leaders died, my workers died. Because they were holding on to the tricolour. And today they call us Pakistani. Khalistani. Chinese. I’m disappointed. I want to tell you, please remember. I will die here. And I will live here. And live standing tall. I will not bend down. I’m not going to bend down. I have one lord, and that’s the only one I’m answering to. See what you’ve done, understand it and hold the people of Kashmir in your heart. And the state, which was the crown of India, you broke it? To show us Muslims? The ones who died for this country? Ram is just yours? Ram is the entire world’s, please remember! And if he is the entire world’s then he is ours too. But you all? Just holding on to Ram… Just like Muslims hold on to the Quran like it’s just ours. Quran is not ours. The Quran is for everyone. The state that you broke apart, talk about joining it now.”

Manoj Jha speech on 20 July 2021: “First of all apologies to all those people whose deaths we are not even acknowledging. This pain is personal. I do not want to call it a statistic. My statistics or your statistics. Look for the figures in your pain. Not even one person in this country, in this House, outside this House, in that House, can say that they didn’t lose someone known to them. We need to see that those who have passed on have left living proof of our failure. I’m not talking about you. You’ll say nothing was done in 70 years. I don’t want to get into it. This is a collective failure of all governments from ’47 to now. What have we done? I am hurt. I want to wake up myself and you, too. Because… dead bodies floating in the Ganga… Sir, we want dignity in life. But we want even more dignity in death. We have witnessed undignified deaths. And if we don’t mend our ways, sir, the coming centuries won’t forgive us.”

John Brittas speech on 13 December 2021: “Sir, let me read out a profile of a judge, which I happened to see in a High Court website. Please allow me to do, sir. Mr. Justice so and so. I won’t mention his name. Born on so and so date belongs to a family associated with judges. His maternal great-grandfather, a Chief Justice of India, Maternal grandfather was a former acting Chief Justice. One of his maternal uncle, former judge of Supreme Court. His maternal uncle, honourable Justice, sitting Supreme… It’s going on sir. It’s like a long list. Very long list. Sir, we all talk about dynasty, sir. The BJP members have been very harsh when they talk about dynasty in Congress party sir. At least they have passed the test of winning the confidence of the people. Sir, this is a clear case of dynasty. Clear case of dynasty. Why are we keeping mum about this sir? Does it mean that when it comes to judiciary, we shouldn’t want such a diverse representation? Should we be oblivious about that? You want only representation in the cabinet? Sir, out of 47 Chief Justice of India till date, at least 14 have been Brahmins. From 1950 to 1970, the maximum strength of Supreme Court was 14 judges, and 11 of them were Brahmins. Sir, I am sure that the key framer of the Constitution and first law minister, Dr. BR Ambedkar, will be turning in his grave, seeing how judicial appointments are made and how independence of judiciary is tampered with.”

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