Complete failure of law and order in Punjab, CM and HM Punjab, in particular: Captain Amarinder Singh

CHANDIGARH: Captain Amarinder Singh after cancellation of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi rally in Punjab due to security concerns have said that, it is a complete failure of law and order in Punjab.

Captain on Twitter said that, “Complete failure of law and order in Punjab, CM and HM Punjab, in particular.”

He further said that, “When you cannot provide smooth passage to the Prime Minister of the country and that too just 10km from the Pakistan border, you have no right to stay in office and should quit!”

Spokesperson, Ministry of Home Affairs has informed on Twitter that, “The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) taking cognisance of this serious security lapse has sought a detailed report from the state government. The State Government has also been asked to fix responsibility for this lapse and take strict action.”

It was further said that, “Also in view of the contingency plan the Punjab Government has to deploy additional security to secure any movement by road , which were clearly not deployed. After this security lapse, it was decided to head back to Bathinda Airport.”

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi on Twitter has earlier said that, “I look forward to being among my sisters and brothers of Punjab today. At a programme in Ferozepur, the foundation stone of development works worth Rs. 42,750 crore would be laid, which will improve the quality of life for the people.”

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