Why IGNOU learners demand for online examinations as University postpones December 2021 TEE?

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) has decided to postpone the December 2021 Term End Examinations due to apprehensions associated with the Omicron variant of Covid-19 and weekend curfews in several states. However, there has been a long-pending demand from the learners of the University to conduct online examinations in Open Book Examination (OBE) format.

The learners are concerned about the further delay in the conduct of examinations as they were already delayed in the past. And are saying that postponement is not a solution and further requesting the University administration to conduct online examinations otherwise it would be having an impact on their career and issuance of degree/ certificate.

It is not the first time that students are requesting for the online examinations as it was also requested in the past, however, the University later conducted examinations in the traditional format for the final year learners and overlooked the demand for online examinations from its learners while promoting the intermediate year learners.

Students have raised concern that it has been two years since the pandemic started and the University is still unable to formulate an alternative arrangement in order to conduct online examinations and the delay in the conducting examinations is a loss of time.

Every other time postponing the examinations and later promoting the learners would not be a long term solution due to which learners have been asking for an alternative arrangement for the conduct of examinations from the University.

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