Bulli Bai App case updates: Culprit shows no regret, says did what believed right

NEW DELHI: As per reports, the main alleged culprit responsible for the ‘Bulli Bai’ app- Neeraj Bishnoi, exhibited no remorse for his crimes during police interrogation. He claimed to have done what he believed was “right,” added sources.

Neeraj Bishnoi, a 21-year-old BTech student from VIT, a Bhopal institute, was apprehended by Delhi Police yesterday in Assam’s Jorhat district. The device used to develop the app, stored on GitHub, a Microsoft-owned software-sharing portal, has been seized, officials informed. On the same day, he appeared in court and was sentenced to seven days in police custody.

According to sources, Bishnoi was tracked down through digital surveillance of a Twitter handle he made, @bullibai_, which has since been suspended. After first being blocked by GitHub, the app has now been deleted.

Following Mayank Rawal, Shweta Singh, and Vishal Kumar Jha, Bishnoi is the fourth individual detained in connection with the ‘Bulli Bai’ app. In a case that has sparked worldwide outrage over the despicable targeting of Muslim women journalists and activists online, Mumbai Police have identified Singh as the “mastermind.”

‘Bulli Bai’ was a cheap knock of ‘Sulli Deals.’ The aim was to demean, humiliate, and harass Muslim women. The term “Sulli” is a disparaging slang term used by India’s right-wing towards Muslim women.

After the scandalous ‘Sulli deals,’ this is the 2nd time in much less than a year that this has happened. Muslim women have been attacked adds to concerns about the extent of hostility directed at women and minority cultures on the internet, with seemingly minor retaliation from authorities.

“It is very sad that as a Muslim woman you have to start your New Year with this sense of fear and disgust. Of course, it goes without saying that I am not the only one being targeted in this new version of ‘sulli’ deals. Screenshot sent by a friend this morning,” read the tweet by Ismat Ara, a journalist.

Veteran lyricist Javed Akhtar faced backlash when he expressed his views After an 18-year-old woman was arrested by Mumbai police in connection with the Bulli Bai app controversy, urging the public to forgive her because she had recently lost both of her parents to cancer and Covid-19.

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