Campus Diaries: A nostalgic throwback to adventurous life full of friendships, ragging and much more

What is the best part of your college life you can remember? Is it on campus, hanging out at parties and talking about your new crush with friends or getting good grades for an assignment that doesn’t seem too difficult but seems impossible now? Maybe when we were studying in class, there would be some exciting lectures that made us stay awake.

MX Player, YouTube

I’m sure most people have pictures of their favourite moments from college. Sitting around a staircase, discussing something entirely off-topic, doing assignments together because everyone knows how hard It Is to study alone and not to talk about online classes, ugh. Everyone would want to ditch these hybrid classes and go back to college. Anyway, these days many students will say “no” to that.

Have you ever wanted to feel like a college student again without going through all those pesky classes and lectures? Now, with MX Player’s new series called “Campus Diaries,” that brings this indulgent experience right into our homes. This youth coming of age drama series is of five students at Excel University, created by Prem Mistry and Abhishek Yadav.

We meet Raghav (Abhinav Sharma), an NRI student with an accent and charm to spare in the first episode. Raghav ends up befriending the four seniors caught up in the ragging affair after an attempt at ragging goes wrong.

All become friends after their first meeting, which sets the tone for the series. A beautiful campus with world-class educational facilities, but all that matters to the group is their friendships, love, and, above all, their campus life. Sudheer (Harsh Beniwal), Abhilash (Ritvik Sahore), Sushmita (Salonie Patel), and Sanya (Srishti Ganguli Rindan) are introduced as a group of friends who swear to be there for one other no matter what. However, they are all distinct from one another, which makes you feel quickly at ease with them.

MX Player

Through its compelling storytelling, ragging, prejudice based on cultural biases, one-sided love tales, rampant drug misuse, and toxic relationships are among topics that the series explores, all of which mould your personality and prepare you to confront the real world.

Campus Diaries has you invested in every episode from start to finish. With an immersive 40-minute runtime, there are never any dull moments that make someone want to switch screens. Campus Diaries is a nostalgic drama with 12 fun episodes that you shouldn’t miss.

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