Indian women rising – How women have significantly contributed in the development of the country?

Ever since, India got Independence, the social status of women has changed tremendously. Women have managed to bring some major breakthroughs in various fields. They are seen breaking the glass ceiling in various sectors, making room for other women to follow their footsteps. Women like Kalpana Chawla, the first woman of Indian origin to go to space, Indira Gandhi, the first woman Prime Minister to name a few stand as an inspiration to many.

One such inspiration is Malavika Hegde, present CEO of Café Coffee Day. She is an Indian Businesswoman and the wife of Late VG Siddhartha, the then CEO of Café Coffee Day who committed suicide on 29 July, 2019. His sudden demise sent shock waves to the entire nation.

In his last letter, he brought to the focus his inadequacy of being a failed entrepreneur and falling into a debt trap and that how private equity partners and the income tax department pressurized him to repay the loan. It was Malavika, his wife, who was determined to lead the company from the forefront and save it from getting drowned. It was her undying spirit to revive the company’s reputation and pay all the debts as soon as possible.

Ever since, Covid-19 has hit the world many businesses have been shut. But despite of the stringent lockdown enforced in the country, Café Coffee Day fared better with each passing day. It regained its name and fame under her supervision. She managed to bring the debt of nearly 7200 crore to Rs 1731 crore within two years.

Her dedication is an inspiration to many women entrepreneurs. She has shown commendable courage and resilience amidst these unprecedented times. Her strength to fight against all the odds is praiseworthy. Café Coffee Day stands as one of the largest coffee shop in today’s time.

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